Next Aggie Mom Meeting—Tuesday, November 8 at 7:00pm

Westlake Hills Presbyterian Church

Fish Moms  6:30-7:00

General Meeting  7:00-8:30

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Consider joining the Austin Aggie Moms and become part of one of the best Aggie networks. You will find the membership form on the membership page.

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Austin Texas A & M Mothers’ Club

Show your support for our SCHOLARSHIP FUND by placing a business ad in our club directory! The Austin Aggie Moms Directory will be distributed to and used by about 200 Aggie Families. It will contain useful information, important TAMU phone numbers and schedules.

  • $100 for first full page ad, 
  • $85 for inside back cover,
  • $75 for a full page, 
  • $50 for a half page and 
  • $25 for a business card sized ad

If you are interested in placing an ad please e-mail