Austin Aggie Moms Club Local Merit Scholarships

The Austin Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club award scholarships each year to current A&M students that have 30 hours or more that have been graded and completed at Texas A&M University in College Station, Galveston or Qatar. These scholarships are based on academic standing and involvement in Texas A&M University organizations and community outreach programs. The awards are not based on financial need, or affiliation with the Austin Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club.


One of our most important functions at Austin Aggie Moms is to provide scholarships for Aggies.  In addition to our Local Merit Scholarships, we have two endowed scholarships, the Sutherland Aggie Leader Scholarship and the Opportunity Award Scholarship that are available to Aggies from the Austin area.  Our third endowed scholarship for Transfer Students will be available next year. 

Sutherland Aggie Leader Scholarship     

Opportunity Award 


NEWS:       We our so proud of our Scholarships and Giving for the 2018-2019 Year:

  • Merit Scholarships $12,200
  • Endowment   $5000 
  • JJ Sanchez  Award to Squadron 11  $500  
  • Singing Cadets $6000  
  • Organizational Giving  $4000 
    • Residence Hall Association  $800;
    • Carpool   $800;
    • Muster Committee  $800;
    • Fish Camp  $800;
    • Veterans Resource Ctr  $800
  • Membership to Association for Graduates    $350

TOTAL GIVING FOR 2018-2019 =$28,050