History and Past Presidents of Austin Aggie Moms

Aggie Moms of 1934
Past Presidents from 2019

Ada Peoples organized the first Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club in Dallas in 1922, with the same objective that remains today. She was concerned about what she thought of as the “poor” quality of life on this all-male campus, with no entertainment, no culture, and a complete lack of women’s influence. The mothers’ club idea spread and eight clubs became a federation in 1928, with Mrs. F. L. Thomas presiding as the first Federation President. The Federation Board of today consists of 16 officers and several appointed positions. Those women serve as the coordinating body for 124 clubs and membership of more than 8,000 moms.

The Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs may not have seemed like much when it began in 1928: just a few mothers of students of the then Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas selling goods to support their sons’ educations. But since then, the clubs have grown into a vital network of nearly 7,000 mothers across the globe, dedicated to raising funds for Texas A&M University students and programs.

Since the organization was founded, Aggie moms have given more than $7.9 million to support the university. The majority of this profit comes from selling jewelry and gift items — clothing and baby clothes, cookbooks, framed artwork, Christmas ornaments, quilts, pecans, jewelry, handmade soaps and lotions, home décor and glassware — most of which is Texas A&M-themed, of course.

The impact of the Aggie moms can be seen throughout the campus, say Texas A&M officials. “The support of our Aggie Moms’ Clubs, present and past, remains a vital factor in keeping A&M’s student body unique and special,” says Lt Gen Joe Weber, USMC (Ret). “And it’s our student body which makes A&M, itself, unique and special.”

Charter Members
Mrs. Mike Balagia
Mrs. Chester A. Freund
Mrs. A.W. Haenel
Mrs. F. F. Hill
Mrs. F. C. Homeyer

Past Presidents of Austin Aggie Moms

Mrs. J.W. Flora1938-1939
Mrs. F. F. Hill1939-1941
Mrs. John R. Banister1941-1943
Mrs. Leola Shipley1943-1945
Mrs. Fred P. Helm1945-1947
Mrs. Boyd Rhea1947-1949
Mrs. Mike Balagia1949-1950
Mrs. C. O. Harris1950-1951
* Mrs. H. W. Zuch1951-1953
* Mrs. Leonard Carlton1953-1954
* Mrs. William Alsup, Jr.1954-1955
* Mrs. Henry Grupe1955-1957
Mrs. James Miller1957-1959
Mrs. A. E. Massengale1959-1960
* Mrs. E. B. Snead1960-1962
* Mrs. John Beasley1962-1963
* Mrs. David L. Tisinger1963-1964
* Mrs. Gene Howard1964-1965
Mrs. W. L. DeGinder1965-1966
* Mrs. Roy Johnson1966-1967
Mrs. Tom McDougal1967-1968
* Mrs. Jim Boswell1968-1969
* Mrs. Sidney Hughes1969-1970
* Mrs. C. R. Walters
Federation President 1978-1979
Mrs. Don Cottrell1971-1972
* Mrs. W. P. Mullener1972-1973
Mrs. George Krause1973-1974
Mrs. Walter Rasco1974-1975
* Mrs. Henry Llewellyn1975-1976
* Mrs. Leonard Nielsen1976-1977
Mrs. C. O. Smith1977-1979
Mrs. Clarence Ham1979-1980
* Mrs. Howard Payton1980-1982
Mrs. Jack Harris 1982-1983
* Mrs. Clarence W. Guelker1983-1984
Mrs. Ben Morgan1984-1985
Mrs. Jim Yauger1985-1987
Mrs. James Redding1987-1988
Mrs. Harlan Ihnen1988-1989
* Mrs. Rex Crocker (Mary Jane)1989-1990
Mrs. Randy Berry1990-1991
* Mrs. Garvin Shipley1991-1992
Mrs. Bryon Blaschke (Carol)1992-1993
Mrs. Richard Curb (Anne Beck) 1993-1994
Mrs. John Parker1994-1995
Mrs. Ed Kruczek (Lori)1995-1996
Mrs. Kenneth McDaniel (Mary)1996-1997
Mrs. Richard Gravett (Sue)1997-1998
Mrs. Sarah Ann Gowdey1998-1999
Mrs. Walt Richardson (Martha)1999-2000
* Mrs. Hugo Bazan (Loraine)2000-2001
Mrs. Mike Harrison (Nancy) 2001-2002
Mrs. Bob Walters (Marjie)2002-2003
* Mrs. Bruce Nichols (Patsy)2003-2004
Mrs. C. B. Thomson (Pat)2004-2005
Mrs. Paul Abney (Vicky) 2005-2006
Mrs. Bill Nalle (Christie)2006-2007
Mrs. Joe Allen (Karen)2007-2008
Mrs. Carolyn Storey2008-2009
Mrs. Joe Allen (Karen)2009-2010
Ms. Julie Black2010-2011
Mrs. Rick Mincher (Debbie)2011-2012
Mrs. Tom Munns (Sue)
Federation Board 2014-2018
Mrs. Heather McAshan2013-2014
Mrs. Kathy Johnston2014-2016
Mrs. Shelly Taylor2016-2017
Mrs. David Isenhour (Denise)
Federation Board 2019-2020
Mrs. Daniela Knight, Class of 1987
Federation Board 2019-2024
Mrs. David Isenhour (Denise)
Federation Board 2020-2021
Mrs. Kathleen Pasquarette2020-2021
Mrs. Linda Cristan-Rodriguez
Federation Board 2023-2024
Mrs. Stacey Ankele2023-2024

* deceased