Attention all new A&M Moms: Aggie Mom 101

What does it mean to be an Aggie Mom?  Find out by joining us on August 22, 7:00-8:30pm, at Riverplace Country Club.   RSVP to


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Save the date!!  Our first General Meeting will be Tuesday, September 12 at 7:00 pm at Riverplace Country Club.  The Fish Mom meeting will begin at 6:30.


Tips and Tricks for a Successful Move-In Day:

Bring and drink plenty of water! I cannot stress that enough – stay hydrated!
Buying or renting a dolly or heavy-duty hand truck is well worth the cost. To purchase, the prices start around $50 at Lowe’s or Home Depot. A folding wagon from Sam’s Club is handy to move smaller items carried in bags (it has a bar handle in the back for two people to carry up stairs) and is around $50. It is collapsible and takes up little room in the car.
With students and parents everywhere, things can get a little hectic and crazy! Exercise patience, and bring lots of it.
Pack hanging clothes on hangers and tie a garbage bag around the hangers. Then just hang them in the closet and remove the garbage bag – this trick is straight from Facebook!
Remind your student not to pack everything they own. Dorm rooms are small and there won’t be room for everything. I recommend lofting dorm beds to allow for additional storage under the bed!
If you’re moving your student into an on-campus residence hall, the garage parking closest to their hall may be available free of charge for Move-In Day. If not, please be prepared to pay for parking. For those who end up parking farther away, this is where a hand truck and collapsible wagon come into play.
A trip to Target or Walmart may be crazy in College Station; it might be best to do that shopping before you leave your hometown. Each store has shopping lists for college-bound students. For students living off campus, household items (dishes, pots & pans, flatware), trashcans, and cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes) can be easy to overlook but are especially important.
Ninette Roberson, Aggie Parent & Family Advisory Council Member

Meet our officers

PRESIDENT—-Denise Isenhour

PRESIDENT-ELECT—- Daniela Knight
1ST VP MEMBERSHIP—- Debra Ellsworth
2ND VP PROGRAMS AND SOCIALS—- Becky Thomas and Jana Leeper
SINGING CADETS—- Kelly Simmons, Daniela Knight, and Sharon Lear
JEWELRY—- Janice Vanzura and Shileen Karnes
TREASURER—- Laura Taylor and Deanna Feil
HISTORIAN—- Karen McMaster and Tara Sims


Meeting and Event Calendar     2017-2018 Aggie Mom Calendar


In the News—-

Texas A&M University’s oldest living graduate – Tom C. “Ike” Morris —  turned 107 on August 1,  and it’s an event that is giving a big Aggie thumbs-up to former students across the globe.

Morris, a native of Waxahachie, south of Dallas, graduated from Texas A&M in 1933 and was on the school’s track team, and school representatives recently presented him with a track baton during a birthday celebration in San Antonio

.Ike Morris and Kathryn Greenwade

He worked five different jobs while in school to help pay for expenses during the depths of the Great Depression. Morris and a friend, a fellow named Earl Rudder, often served as table waiters in the athletic dining room. Rudder would go on to become a legendary general in World War II and Texas A&M president in 1959 during which he guided the school through some of its most historic events.

After graduation, Morris entered the military and had a remarkable record himself, including serving on D-Day plus 1 on Omaha Beach and the Battle of the Bulge.