Officer Positions and Duties

Officer Positions and Duties


  • Preside at, call and set meetings.
  • Perform all the duties of the office (this includes: Federation reports, attending Federation meetings, District meetings, calling Board meetings, reserving locations for events.
  • Support all committees/chairpersons (this will include asking for board reports and filling in when needed)
  • Facilitate the transfer of officer and standing committee procedure books to the incoming board members
  • Appoint the chairmen of the standing committees
  • Attend each meeting


Vice President at Large (Past President)

  • Shall fill any vacancy until said vacancy is filled.
  • Shall serve as Chairman of the Nominating Committee
  • Assist President as needed
  • Attend each meeting


President Elect

  • Become familiar with the activities pertaining to the president’s duties
  • Share primary responsibilities with the president as requested (help with Howdy Social and all events)
  • Attend all meetings
  • Plan/Assist with special projects (small fundraisers like Kendra Scott, extra socials as needed.
  • Shall be Co-Chair of the Singing Cadet Concert and oversee Raffle Ticket Sales, Box Office, Refreshments, and Volunteers.
  • Attend each meeting.


 1st VP–Membership

  • Shall create a Membership form and Collect dues from new and returning members
  • Compile a roster of all members and communicate this to Officers in a timely manner
  • Participate in Recruiting new members through e-mail communication and outreach
  • Shall keep records of all payments and work with treasurer for accurate record keeping of all payments made through the Membership form.
  • Attend each meeting


2nd VP–Programs/ Social Events

  • Coordinate with President to plan speakers for each meeting
  • Host and introduce guest speakers at club meetings
  • Invite and host TAMU Reps for the Singing Cadets Concert Reception/Info Fair for High School Students
  • Invite and host TAMU Reps for the New Student Howdy event
  • Plan with President (and appropriate committee members) all club social events: Christmas Party, Past Presidents Dinner/lunch/tea, Howdy event, Graduation and Scholarship celebration, New Mom Event and others that may be planned
  • Plan and coordinate other social gatherings for our club monthly (Painting With a Twist, Luncheons, social dinners, etc.)
  • Attend each meeting.



3rd VP–Fundraising

  • Supervise and oversee committees pertaining to the Raffle Ticket Sales, Raffle, Tshirt Sales, name tags, Kendra Scott fundraiser, etc. This lead will be responsible for communicating money needs with treasurer, making sure we have tables and chairs for all areas of the church and help team set up, helping sell raffle and entrance tickets at every meeting, helping get tickets to members that purchase at meetings, making volunteer sign up and cookie/water sign up (these are done- just have to bring them out of archives), make sure that Eventbrite is set up for tickets and that all are on web, leading training and make sure everyone has directions at meeting before event (these are all on Google Docs), handles the drawing of raffles and sending powerpoints to church, makes program or finds someone else to do so (we have the file- just updating and adding sponsors and donors), finds printer or donation of printing, finds volunteer coordinator and sets her up to run volunteer check in.
  • This job requires the VP to be a ‘clearinghouse’ for information regarding fundraising. She does not have to do the various jobs, just delegate them.
  • Attend each meeting.


4 VP–Jewelry and other Sales

  • Track and order inventory of the jewelry/items as well as reporting and turning in of all monies within one week of an event.
  • Sell jewelry/items via Boutique, online sales, meetings, coach’s night, game watching parties and other venues
  • Attend each meeting.


Recording Secretary

  • Record the proceedings of all the Club and Board Meetings
  • Submit written minutes to the President within seven days after the meetings
  • Correct any reports following each board meeting, as needed.
  • Attend each meeting.



  • Receive and disburse all monies (the President will fill in as needed)
  • Keep an itemized account of those monies as directed by the President
  • Make monthly and yearly reports, both to the board and to the president as requested.
  • Disburse money only with a check request form or bill to be paid.
  • Send tax receipts to all “In Kind” Sponsors and assist with in Kind donors if needed.
  • Keep records in QuickBooks and record notebooks of monthly reconciliation of bank statements, deposits and checks received, all forms received, receipts for reimbursements, checks written and forms as well as PayPal and Eventbrite payments. (Plan on an hour or two per week during September-January as this is the greatest demand for incoming checks and reimbursements due to membership and Singing Cadets).
  • Pay all bills as requested by President (This will included but is not limited to Insurance, meeting locations, printing, approved reimbursements, Goody Bags, past president’s tea, socials, Federation membership payment, etc.)
  • Keep track of raffle monies set aside for Corps Boots and Senior Ring Money and who the recipients are in your books.
  • Keep track of Savings account.
  • Take care of all financial aspects of the Singing Cadet Concert (starting banks, training to volunteers that handle money, forms, collections and accounting).
  • Work with membership on monies in and collaborate records.
  • Attend each meeting.


Corresponding Secretary

  • Take charge of the correspondence and invitations (meetings, socials, etc) as directed by the President (this will usually be with Eventbrite)
  • Send birthday cards to students and other notes to members or students as appropriate (we are currently using Jib Jab)
  • Write Thank You notes as requested (all representatives for Howdy event, speakers and Singing Cadet Representatives.)
  • Attend each meeting.



  • Advise the Club of parliamentary procedure guided by the Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order as needed.
  • Preside at Officer and Board meetings
  • Attend each meeting.



  • Keep record of Club activities (Photos, flyers, written documentation)
  • Send event photos to the webmaster within 5 days of an event.
  • Work with the Federation Historian to participate in Federation History Records
  • Work with the Cushing Library to preserve club history previously contained in hard copy notebooks and currently contained on the shared Google Drive used by Board Members


Standing Committees and Duties 

 Scholarship Committee/Chairperson

  • Provide the General Membership and public with scholarship information, application and deadlines
  • Edit and post on the Austin Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club website the “Merit Scholarship Application” during the first week of February
  • Collect student applications, check eligibility, review content and rank applicants to receive merit scholarships based on the criteria set forth and approved by the board
  • Make recommendations to the Board at the May meeting for approval of dollar amounts to be awarded based on the budget
  • Safeguard student applications and related correspondence for a period of two years
  • Attend each meeting.

Hospitality Committee/Chairperson

  • Plan and arrange for food and drink at meetings and social gatherings (New Mom Event, Howdy Social, Christmas Party, Graduation and Scholarship party etc.)
  • Work with VP Social on planning and arranging for decorations and food at events as needed
  • Organize and oversee selling of cookies and waters at Singing Cadets Concert.
  • Attend each meeting.

Singing Cadet Chair

  • Venue Arrangements, Liaison with Singing Cadets, Concert Ticket Sales, Group Sales
  • Attend each meeting.

Goody Bag Committee/Chairperson

  • Receive orders from members for Goody Bags two times a year to be delivered to College Station right before finals of each semester
  • Plan Goody Bags based on member and student feedback and based on the budget approved by the Board and the price charged to members
  • Procure the items, coordinate the assembly and set up the delivery of the Goody Bags by volunteer moms at the MSC in College Station as directed by the
  • Attend each meeting.

Fish Mom Mentors

  • Meet with our Fish Moms for 30 minutes prior to regular meetings.
  • Foster community and friendship between the Fish Moms and encourage them to be active involved members and future leaders of our Club
  • Work with President, Hospitality and Social Programs Chairs to organize the Answering Your Questions about College event in August.
  • Attend each meeting. 

Philanthropy Committee/Chairperson

  • Work with president on opportunities for the club to give back and provide selfless service
  • With President guidance and approval, coordinate service activities at least two times per year for members to participate in (examples: Big Event, Collecting for our Veterans).
  • Attend each meeting.

Assistant Treasurer

  • Willing to step into Treasurer role if elected.
  • Assist the current Treasurer to provide consistency and guidance in the handling of the Club treasury

Assistant Jewelry Chair

  • Willing to step into 4th VP position if elected.
  • Assist the current 4th VP of Jewelry to provide consistency and guidance in the handling of Club jewelry inventory, ordering, recording sales and reconciling cash and credit card sales 

Audit Chairperson

  • Review practices and procedures of treasury and provide additional oversight

Website Chairperson

  • Maintain our Club website as needed to provide current information
  • Work with the Federation Information Officer on any improvements or changes that may be made to the website
  • Attend each meeting.

Nominating Committee

  • Is the VP at-Large (Chairperson) and two committee members appointed in February

Name Tag/Shirt Chairperson

  • Will be responsible for the orders and delivery of name tags and shirts for club members

Ring of Honor/Past Presidents Chairperson

  • Shall help the President organize a past presidents gathering and serve as the liaison to the past presidents on behalf of the Austin Aggie Mothers’ Club.
  • Shall create an oral history of the Past Presidents, sharing all information with the President