2018-2019 OFFICERS

President——————————————- Daniela Knight
President at Large——————————- Denise Isenhour
President Elect/ Singing Cadet Co Chair– Denise Isenhour
1st VP Membership—————————– Carey Boles
2nd VP Programs——————————- Becky Thomas
2nd VP Socials/Name Tags/T-Shirts——- Shileen Karnes
3rd VP Fundraising Committee————- Kelly Simmons and Jennifer Mooney
4th VP Jewelry & other sales—————- Tomi Johnson
Recording Secretary (adopt a mom)——- Sherry Hinesman
Treasurer—————————————— Laura Taylor
Corresponding Secretary———————- Mary Pyden
Parliamentarian———————————- Kathleen Pasquarette
Historian——————————————- Becky Naviera


Treasurer Co-Chair—————————- Deanna Feil
Jewelry Co-Chair——————————- Shelly Taylor
Singing Cadets Sponsorship Chair——– Sharon Lear
Singing Cadets Sponsorship ————— Tara Sims
Name Tag Chair——————————– Deanna Feil
Fish Mom Leader—————————— Christine Hassall
Fish Mom Leader—————————— Jane Willis
Fish Mom Leader—————————— Wendy Ammons
Fish Mom Leader—————————— Melinda McAfee
Goody Bags————————————– Tami Martin
Goody Bags————————————- Brenda Wickes
Goody Bags————————————- Baerbel Dietze
Hospitality————————————— Julie Gurley
Hospitaity—————————————- Ann Kupper
Hospitality————————————— Karen McMaster
Philanthropy————————————- Denise Isenhour and Robin McAfee
Ring of Honor———————————– Melanie Hillan
Nominating Committee———————– Denise Isenhour
Website——————————————- Daniela Knight