Ring Day Information

Build Your Aggie RingAggie Ring History

One of the proudest moments for an Aggie is earning his/her Aggie Ring.
An Aggie Ring follows you for life and sets you apart. This one item identifies your
Aggie as a member of a special family. It has a rich history and there are incredible
stories surrounding the ring. Below is one such special story.


How do you know when your Aggie can order an Aggie Ring?

He/She can check in the Howdy Portal
 90 total completed undergraduate or professional hours
 45 completed institution undergraduate or professional hours
 2.0 minimum cumulative GPR
 must not be on academic probation, suspension, dismissal, expulsion, or on honor violation probation from the university

Ordering an Aggie Ring:

All of the information from pricing (Men’s start around $1000 and women’s are around$600 – new pricing will be available for the next ordering period) to the history of the ring, can be found on the Association of Former Students web page . You can go to the second floor and try one rings and get sized during office hours M- F 8 am – 5 pm.  For all the details on everything Aggie Ring at TAMU, please go to their website.

Additionally, Texas A&M has a FAQ with answers to many of your Aggie Ring Questions here.

The Aggie Ring order must be submitted online or placed in person at the Aggie Ring Office on the 2nd floor of the Clayton W. Williams, Jr. Alumni Center. This is the day that you can get the cute photo of your student holding the chalkboard sign saying they ordered their ring.

How Do I pay for “The Ring”?

Start saving now! There are loans, scholarships your student can apply for, or you can try to win the ring by buying tickets at the Reveille Raffle in January! See the Association Ring Day web site for more information. Not
everyone can afford a ring – buying one after graduation is okay. This is not a “have to” in life.

The Process:

Pick the date!

There are usually two dates in the fall and one in the spring  for presenting and celebrating the ring.   This Aggie website will let you know what these dates are.

Reserve a place to stay:

a hotel, AirBnB, or HomeAway in July or August as soon as you know the date your student will be eligible if you want to stay over and make a day and night of it.

Get a Ring Ticket!

One week before ring day, your Aggie will choose a time for picking up “The Ring”. This opens at 7AM – so if you wish to plan, go to the web site and look at times.

What to expect the day of:

Ring Day has evolved into an event. The Ring Day celebration began in 2000. Here is a short video that briefly discusses the beginnings of Ring Day. https://youtu.be/NGO3zyPqXNk

Some students are busy and they go pick up their ring during scheduled office hours.  Other students have their family, extended family and or friends attend the event.

Where do I park?

Check the web site for parking directions and shuttle directions. If it is not Parent’s Weekend, you can probably find parking in Cain or Koldus.

When should I arrive?

The schedule runs like clockwork. If your entry time says 9:45, you will start moving into the Clayton Williams building at 9:45. If you have elderly with you or anyone with a disability attending with you – you do not have to be in line an hour or even thirty minutes ahead of time. You can get in line 15-20 minutes before and as long as you have your ticket you are going to get in at your time.

What Do I wear?

Dress for the weather! Be prepared for heat, rain or cold. If it is hot wear something cool and comfortable and bring an umbrella for shade. A sundress, dress, skirt and top, or nice slacks are appropriate. Some people really dress for this event, but most are
Sunday casual.

What do we do once in the building?

Your students ring is at a table based on last name. Go to that table. Your student will need two forms of ID to pick up the ring. Decide if you want a family member, Aggie, teacher or some other special person to give your Aggie the ring. This is a great time for photos. The people handing out rings will be happy to assist in taking a family photo.  To keep things orderly and timely, you will be asked to leave the building after you get your ring and take a few pictures.

My student has the ring-What now?

You can visit the white tent. You can get water and soft drinks. There is usually free Slovaks sausage. You can have your ring polished, purchase a Ring Day t-shirt and purchase a signed print by Benjamin Knox. They do have large fans if you need to cool off!
Take photos – but not by the large ring in front of the building. These photos are best taken the day after or later in the year. They keep the ring blocked off.

How Do I celebrate? Do I celebrate?

Some go to lunch or dinner after. Some suggestions of places to eat are: Napa Flats, Care Eccell, Christopher’s, Republic Steak House, and Veritas. This list goes on and on- the most important thing is make reservations early. If you cannot get reservations, consider take out back at your students place or a park- Aggies are all about the Tailgate!  Some parents go home after and some have a party to celebrate the day.

Parents have bought ring day cookies – Sweet Station, Master Bakers, Jessica’s Bake Shop, – all in College Station. Some buy a ring cake or other cake – HEB has cakes or you can order a special cake as several bakeries – I like Cake Junkie. https://www.cakejunkie.com
Parties can be BBQs, you can serve platters from Laynes and play games. Make it easy!


Some parents believe the ring is the gift. The ring does come in a beautiful wooden box with A&M on the top in gold. Some purchase a signed Benjamin Knox print that is personalized for the day. Some make cute ring holders for the ring or a special frame for the day. There is no right or wrong way to look at this.


At graduation your Aggie will want to wear the ring. When you get your ring, the year is faced towards your Aggie to symbolize their tie is not yet finished.  During commencement ceremonies, The Association of Former Students leads a
ceremony in which Aggies students turn their Rings around to face the world proudly,  just as the Aggie graduate is now ready to face the world.

Lost Rings:

Notify the Association of Former Students and join the Facebook group Aggie Ring Lost & Found. You are allowed to buy one replacement ring. Remind your student to not take it off unless it is by their bed and have a safe place to keep it. So  many rings are lost from taking it off in bathrooms to wash hands, forget to put it on,
remember, return and it is gone.  If you ever see one at a pawn shop, report it to the Association. If you can purchase it you can return to the Association and they will try to find the owner.

All things Aggie Ring for  a Galveston Parent:

Galveston Campus – you order your ring on line from College Station.  https://www.aggienetwork.com/ring/

Ring ceremonies are held in Galveston at the Mary Moody Center – Flag Room or students may go to CStat and get their ring there.
There is a breakfast, Yell Leaders are there and each student goes up to get a ring Box when name is called. There are photo opportunities. Please see the Galveston site for times. The Galveston Aggie Moms are the gals in the know for cakes and cookies and parties.

Galveston Ring info.
Phone Number: (409) 740-4561
Business Hours: Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Visit Belinda Webber or Shelly Fordyce at the Office of Student Activities, Suite 101, Seibel Student Services Building, Building #3030. Ring finishes also available at this campus.